QR Code Reader


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This app is a fast QR Code Reader and Generator app for Android devices. It supports all code formats.

This app can read and decode all types of codes, e.g. urls, products, text, WiFi, email, contacts, calendar, books and locations.

★ Free Reader and Generator

Benefits of this QR Code Reader:

✔ Support for all code formats

✔ Flashlight for dark environments

✔ Switch between front and back camera

✔ Scan QR codes from gallery

✔ Download scanned QR codes

✔ Share scanned QR codes

✔ Copy data to clipboard

✔ Open urls in browser

✔ Add new contacts

✔ Add events/appointments to calendar

✔ Connect to WiFi without entering the password

Benefits of this QR Code Generator:

✔ Supports text, emojis and ASCII-Code, etc.

✔ Type text and generate QR codes

✔ Create QR codes from text files

✔ Download created QR codes

✔ Share created QR codes

✔ Copy data to clipboard

✔ Open urls in browser


1. Point the camera at the code

2. Automatically detect, scan and decode

3. View results and relevant options

Support for all formats:

Scan codes in seconds! All code formats are supported: QR Code, Data Matrix Code, Maxi Code, Code 39, Code 93, Codabar, UPC-A, EAN-8...

Simple & practical:

No internet connection required.

Clean and modern design.

Darkmode for eye protection.

Press and hold button for help (tooltip).

High data protection:

The app only needs camera access. Your data is 100% protected.

The scanning history is not saved for privacy reasons.


You can open the flashlight to scan codes in dark environment.